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Professional Development or Membership Reimbursement

Aetos may reimburse employees for training and/or testing fees associated with obtaining a recognized professional certification or professional membership that will assist the employee in performing essential job functions and increase the employee’s contribution to the organization.

For more information, please view the Employee Handbook.

Here is a step-by-step guide to receiving reimbursement for a professional membership or certification (maximum $500 per calendar year):

1. The employee completes and signs the “Professional Development/Membership Reimbursement” form below.

2. The employee’s supervisor signs the form, approving the course.

3. The employee submits the form via email to HR@aetossystems.com.

4. HR verifies the employee’s eligibility and approves the form. Notification of approval will be provided to the employee.

4. Employee signs up and pays for the membership or professional development, completing all necessary requirements.

5. Employee sends a copy of their membership or proof of completion, along with a copy of the receipt to HR@aetossystems.com.

6. Reimbursement will be processed and provided to the employee.