Eagle's Wings

Together We Can Soar!

Eagle’s Wings – a new way for us to support each other Soaring like Eagles!  Most of us have a desire to cope while looking out for one’s neighbors…and that is what Eagle’s Wings is all about.  We have several Aetos family members that have responded to let us know they are available to help with errands, shopping, deliveries, etc. for those that are unable or uncomfortable with those tasks.  Please let us know if you have needs or how you can help so that TOGETHER we will get thru this time supporting each other!


Eagle’s Wings will connect the available resources with the needs in our Aetos family.  “I can’t find masks and need to wear one when I go to my mission essential job at NASA today” is matched with “I can sew and make masks for those that need them.” Or “I can grocery shop for others” is matched with “I’m working long shifts as Mission Essential Personnel and no time to get groceries.” Or even “I was able to purchase a case of disinfecting wipes at Costco last week” is matched with “We are out of disinfecting wipes to wipe down our keyboards on the control panel.”  Eagle’s Wings will provide an exchange so that the Aetos family is not having to do without or put themselves and their families at risk.


Here’s how this exchange will work – email us at Eagles_Wings@aetossystems.com with the details of your Cans and Can’ts and we will be the connector.   Nothing better than family support at times like these and your Aetos family is here for you – answering challenges and providing relief….Soaring like Eagles!


If you have any questions about how the Eagles Wings exchange will work, please call or email Beth Medley at 256.508.8687 or beth.medley@aetossystems.com.

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