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Annual Goals Form

In a manner of speaking, annual goals are like a road map. All businesses share a primary goal: Success. Goal settings, aligning and tracking those goals through actions and results are critical to greater business execution…and, as a result, greater success.

The process of setting goals should be a collaborative process between an employee and his or her manager. Whether writing long- or short-term goals, the most widely-used framework is S-M-A-R-T.


  • Specific: Well-defined to inform employees exactly what is expected, when, and how much. With specific goals, managers can easily measure progress toward goal completion.

  • Measurable: Provide milestones to track progress and motivate employees toward achievement.

  • Attainable: Success needs to be achievable with effort by an average employee, not too high or too low.

  • Relevant: You should focus on the greatest impact to the overall company strategy.

  • Time-bound: Establish enough time to achieve the goal, but not too much time to undermine performance. Goals without deadlines tend to be overtaken by the day-to-day crises.


Use the form below with your manager to set and monitor your goals.